Private property rights vital to American way of life

Mac ThornberryCongressman, 13th DistrictAll of us who grew up on the land know how precious our American private property rights are.  It is not just about our business or finances.  It is also about self-reliance and stewardship – taking care of what we have in order … [Read more...]

County’s devotion to Democratic Party has ‘passed on’

By Travis ChildsPioneer SentinelAll currently serving Democrats seeking reelection in 2014 have switched to the Republican Party.  There are a number of reasons for this change.  I have not talked with any candidates about their political beliefs, but it is not hard to … [Read more...]

For the first time ever, Clay County is ‘Republican Red’

By Travis ChildsPioneer SentinelIt is official Clay County is a Republican county.  While not shocking, the development is noteworthy.  As reported in the Pioneer Sentinel, for the first time ever, all 2014 county wide races will be contested in the Republican Primary. … [Read more...]

Comprehensive Farm Bill an opportunity to grow the economy

By Judith A. CanalesUSDA – Farm Service Agency State Executive Director Paco ValentinUSDA - Rural Development State Executive DirectorThis fall, Congress has an important opportunity to create jobs and grow the economy by passing a long-term, comprehensive Food, Farm … [Read more...]

American Diabetes Month: Thoughts from one of the statistics

By Kathy FloydPioneer SentinelThe American Diabetes Association has proclaimed November as American Diabetes Month with the objective of raising awareness and understanding of diabetes, its consequences, management, and the prevention of type 2 diabetes. The theme is “A … [Read more...]

Georgia: Last but no least

By Travis ChildsPioneer SentinelGeorgia, the last of the original Thirteen Colonies, was founded in 1732, 125 years after Jamestown.  That it was founded just forty years before the American Revolution meant that Georgia was not as powerful or established as the other … [Read more...]

Delaware: The First State

By Travis ChildsPioneer SentinelLike other of the original Thirteen Colonies, Delaware changed hands many times. Originally claimed by the Dutch in 1631, settlement ended the first year when Indian attacks killed all the settlers. Settlement began again in 1638 when the … [Read more...]

Delaware: Land of the Lenape

By Travis ChildsPioneer SentinelThough Delaware may sound like an Indian name the colony was named after the Delaware River named for Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr.  As governor of Virginia he led attacks against the Powhatan Indians.  The river was first explored … [Read more...]

The City of Brotherly Love

By Travis ChildsPioneer SentinelWilliam Penn established Philadelphia in 1682 as the capital of his Province of Pennsylvania.  Philadelphia is Latin for “brotherly love” and that is exactly what Penn wanted his colony to be about.  Penn and his fellow Quakers believed … [Read more...]

Penn’s Woodlands

By Travis ChildsPioneer SentinelBefore the English took control of the area, many different groups settled pockets of what is now Pennsylvania.  Both the Dutch in New Netherland (New York) and the Swedes in New Sweden (Delaware) had claims to the land, but the English … [Read more...]