Henrietta High School Class of 2013

Crystal Kroes, Val.

Seventy-six students make up the Henrietta High School Class of 2013, more than half of which earned the title of honor student. Crystal Kroes earned valedictorian with a grade average of 98.30, and will attend Louisiana State University in the fall on an academic … [Read more...]

Clay County commencement ceremonies tonight and Saturday

High schools in Clay County will present the Classes of 2013 Friday and Saturday. Bellevue Graduation exercises are set for Friday, May 31, at 7 p.m. in the Bellevue school auditorium. Kody Coonfield will give the invocation. Kimberley Morrow will close with … [Read more...]

Petrolia High School Class of 2013

Brad Groves, Val.

Petrolia High School graduates 24 students as the Class of 2013. Ten are honor students. This year, Petrolia High School will have two valedictorians, an agreement made during the process of consolidating Byers ISD into the district. One valedictorian, selected from … [Read more...]

Midway High School Class of 2013

Ben Forester, Val.

Midway ISD graduates nine students in the MHS Class of 2013. The school’s two honor students, Ben Forester and Brody Wilson, are valedictorian and salutatorian. Ben Forester is valedictorian of the Class of 2013, and has been accepted to the honors program in … [Read more...]

Bellevue High School Class of 2013

Araya Nezat, Val.

Twelve graduate as Bellevue’s Class of 2013. Araya Nezat is valedictorian of the class with a grade point average of 3.85, and will attend Texas A&M in the fall to major in business. During her high school career, Nezat participated in FFA, National Honor … [Read more...]